Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Doser Acid

Let’s take a trip back in time to the 1970’s, way before people started worrying how to get I doser free. The beatles are out of control and America is experimenting with some amazing drugs. Steve Jobs took this drug as he was growing up; many other great minds in our history did as well. If you didn’t already figure out exactly what I was talking about by the Steve Jobs comment then I will fill you in. I actually found out about this fact from a bibliography written about Steve Jobs. I never read bibliographies but heard so many great things about someone who truly changed the way we live today. Some of you may be reading this article from an iPhone or iPad as we speak. Steve Jobs dropped acid numerous times during his young adult life.

Now that we are all on the same page I can tell you a little bit more about I doser acid. I have personal experience with this drug and can compare the results with what I experienced from I dosing very well. Acid was one of the best experiences of my life. I clearly remember it and I do not take intimidators lightly. That being said I want to explain how I prepared for this dose and describe to the best of my ability that what went on.

The first time I ever dropped acid was on a random day . The action was spontaneous and I do not regret the decision at all. I really wanted to experience something outside of reality and Acid was the most readily available substance to embark on. I ended up taking the tab around one in the afternoon. The trip lasted well until I went to bed and I experienced amazing visual effects along with some life changing outlooks on life itself. If you would like to download I doser acid you should definitely give it a shot; the download link is right here.
Recreational (Very Strong)
30 minutes

As my longtime readers know I always like to start off my experience portion of my articles with an idea of how I set up my environment. I believe that preparing yourself mentally and setting up your environment beforehand is just as important as the dose itself. Unlike I doser peyote I didn’t do any premeditation. I went into this experience like I did with i doser marijuana. I figured since I was using I doser acid environment and comfortability would be more important. When I was on acid the most important aspect of the trip was the environment that I was in. So like most of my trips I set myself up in my room, closed the door, turned the lights off and pulled the shades. I think it was after sundown so the room was relatively dark. That’s the only thing about I dosing when it comes to a drug that has visual effects. I was sitting in a dark room and listening to the dose with my eyes closed. Anyways, I will detail my trip below now that you understand the preparation that went into it.

I doser acid was an uncomfortable experience for me. This 30 minute dose started off the way all the rest do with the combination of those weird noises bouncing back and forth through your brain. The real effects started around five minutes in. I could feel the blood drain from my face and in my head I imagined how ghostly I must look. This image in my mind sent chills down my spine and there were goose bumps all over my body. I felt this very strange energy throughout my body which was unexplainable really. These symptoms were nothing like my acid trips in real life but they were something else entirely. They were a little unsettling and unenjoyable as if I was having a bad trip. I started to feel some anxiety toward the middle of the dose; at least I believe it was the middle of the dose. My perception of time was really thrown off. I’m not sure if it felt like the trip lasted ten minutes or if it felt like it lasted ten hours. The thing about I dosing with a hallucinogenic drug is that your eyes are closed. I didn’t receive any of the visual effects that I did on my real life trip on acid but I will tell you a little bit more of the uncomfortable side effects of I doser acid. I started to heat up. By the end of the dose I was able to wipe sweat off my forehead. I don’t understand why but my body was reacting in such weird ways to this dose.

I rated this dose 6.5/10 because I had a bad trip with it. I mean, it was extremely effective, so if you are looking for something really strong I would give this dose a try for sure. It was all right overall but I don’t know if I’ll touch this one again for quite a while. If you are looking for something VERY strong you should download I doser acid right here.


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