Friday, May 4, 2012

I Doser Alcohol

The I doser dose alcohol is actually the first dose I had ever tried. I never wrote up a review about it because the first time I tried it I felt no effects. Like most people I was asking myself does I doser work? Thank goodness I kept dosing because if I had stopped after the dose alcohol I never would have had all of the amazing experiences that I dosing has brought me. Going back to what I was saying about the I doser dose alcohol. I decided I would write up a review of my experiences after numerous years of I dosing. Obviously I am more experienced and I thought maybe that would be the difference maker with this dose. Below is my review.
My mindset going into this dose was that of open-mindedness. I didn’t want my negative experience of the past to have any influence on my I dosing experience today. Before my review begins I would just like to say that you get what you pay for. Considering the I doser dose alcohol is one of the free I doser doses this was yet again not one of my favorite experiences. If you would like to download it you can do so right here.

Alcohol Recreational (moderate) 35 Minutes Overall Rating 2/10 As my reviews normally begin I’ll describe the setting and environment that I was in when I was I dosing. I was lying in my bed with the lights off around sundown so I didn’t require a sleeping mask or anything else to block out any extra light. I was relatively relaxed because I my last final exam was taken earlier in the day so I was in a carefree mindset and relatively relaxed. As always I attempted to clear my brain of any thoughts and remain motionless for the duration of the I dose. As I have mentioned these two aspects are ones that I deem highly important to the success of any I dosing experience. Even under optimal conditions it is still possible to have an unsuccessful experience which is what I would consider the experience I am about to describe.

I rated the I doser dose alcohol a two out of ten for a number of reasons. The first being I have had alcohol on numerous occasions so it’s quite difficult to imagine feeling the same effects from a digital source. Not only is it difficult to imagine but I simply did not feel anything similar to the effects of alcohol. In fact I did not really feel anything from this dose. As I have previously mentioned this is a free I doser dose which you can download here and it’s a fairly good example of the saying you get what you pay for. I’ll give you some more details about my experience to give you a better idea of what this I dose is like. The I doser dose alcohol starts off pretty similar to all the rest. There is the buzzing of two different frequencies conjoining into one sound that sends your brain for a loop. It was not too intense of a start which is normally something I appreciate especially with a dose that is 35 minutes long. Time is fairly relative during one of these experiences but I would say that it has three to four what I would consider stages. Heck, maybe these are supposed to be beers or shots but my tolerance must be too high. After trucking through the intro I remember stage two kicking in but there was no pulsation throughout my body; something that I normally feel when an I dose is starting to kick in. There were no vibrations throughout my body and I definitely did not feel drunk. By the time the third stage kicked in I was basically waiting for the dose to finish. I wasn’t experiencing any of the normal effects of an I dose experience. I was slightly bummed out because alcohol is my favorite drug and it would be great to knock a few back and then put on the I doser dose alcohol and really feel hammered. Maybe I should have taken a few shots before I attempted this dose. I might just have to try that some day if I ever get the urge to try this dose again.

The dose entered the fourth and final stage and began to pick up in intensity but the amount of things I was experiencing from the dose remained the same. Zero. I’m not trying to imply that this dose doesn’t work. Does I doser work? Yes. Yes it does. I have had numerous experiences with it that have been nothing short of outstanding. There are also numerous dosers that stand by the I doser doses alcohol. I’ve read of people growing progressively more intoxicated as the dose continues and even stumbling around the house after the conclusion of the dose. I have also heard of people who have claimed they did not feel intoxicated but the symptoms that associate themselves with intoxication showed up once the dose was finished. These symptoms were things similar to stumbling and slurring words among other things.
Maybe this dose just isn’t for me. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. In fact I say go for it. You should give it a shot and maybe it will make you feel like you’ve had six or seven of said shots. You should give it a try right here. Make sure you stop back again because I will be using the I doser dose peyote tomorrow and will be writing up a review shortly after.

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