Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Doser Dose Experience - Out of Body Experience 1

Out Of Body Experience 1
Overall Trip Rating – 8/10
Out of body experience tripped me out. This does is pretty strong. I’m going to come flat out and say it, I didn’t have an out of body experience, but I did feel some pretty crazy stuff while listening to this dose. The beginning of the dose was just like the rest, constant white fuzz accompanied by that oh so sweet high pitched resonance. I started to become more focused on the trip itself and started to lose myself in it, the same feeling I get while listening to the beginning of the doses.
Unlike A Bomb 2, out of body experience slows down before it builds up. The resonating sound changes pitch to a much lower pitch. The low pitch sound reverberating through my head started to trip me out, and a feeling of uneasiness fell over me. This whole time there was a distant sound that would build up and disappear. The uneasy feeling stuck with me, mixing in with the pulsating feeling I was now feeling sweep through my legs.
I could hear crickets chirping and wondered whether I was hearing things or if it was all part of the trip. As the trip continued, I found my mind wandering off as my body felt as if it was trying to be lifted out of the chair. It felt as though there were thousands of strings tied to my body that were all slightly being tugged toward the sky. I started to feel a little paranoid, and afraid that I was actually about to have an out of body experience. At this point in the trip there was no controlling my emotions really. The tugging I was feeling with the pulses being sent through my body was a lot to handle.
I may have psyched myself out of having an out of body experience at this point, but the feelings that were running over my body were real. I lost feeling of my legs, from the total numbness of my feet all the way up to my waist. I was “couch locked” in that chair with no hope of getting up.
Every time the distant music would begin to play, the pulsing I felt run through my entire body would intensify. My hands, on my chest, could feel my heart beating much faster than normal, as the uneasy feeling was still with me.
The sound that was making this all happen went away for a while. I really don’t know how long because I do not remember any part of it, I either fell asleep or was just lost in the trip. Who knows, maybe I had an out of body experience, but I remember snapping back into it, minutes later, when the sound returned.
This time I didn’t feel as much fear, the sound constantly played for a minute or so and I just focused on that sound, and in my head would try and predict what it would do. If I guessed right, it sounded amazing, and it was a sense of accomplishment. When I guessed wrong, I would hear both sounds, the one I guessed would play and the one that really did, and that was very cool too.
This sound was then taken over by a louder constant humming, and as I struggled to hear the sound underneath the humming, the humming grew lower and lower, and reverberated at a slower beat while the music in the background played at the same rate. The humming would slowly become lower pitched and reverberate slower. This distorted the perception of the music in the background which made my head spin quite a bit. I felt like I was spinning on a merry-go-round and the music was traveling at different speeds hitting me at different times as I went around the merry-go-round.
The music in the background, the same sound that was tripping me out so much during this dose then disappeared. It was replaced with a low static sound. As the humming died off and the static died off as well, I could faintly hear the trippy sound in the background. Then there was silence.
The trip was over.

The I Doser Dose Out of Body Experience 1 is a really extreme trip. At times it was unpleasant and made me a feel uneasy. To say the least there's a chance I was scared at one point. Or at multiple points in the trip. None the less, out of body experience 1 delivered.

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