Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Doser Dose Experience - A-Bomb 2

Overall Trip Rating - 9 out of 10
Environment - Dark room, eyes closed, reclined in La-z-boy

Experience -

A-Bomb 2 is a thriller, it really is. The duration of the trip is 30 minutes, and you feel the effects for a good amount. Remember, when experiencing a dose, make sure you are relaxed, and in a low light, quiet room. With that being said, let me tell you how my trip went.

I started by getting comfortable, I turned the TV off, reclined the La-z-boy, and closed my eyes as A-Bomb started playing on my iPod. Like most doses, it started out a little slow, the relaxing background noise I have come so accustomed to, and a quiet yet consistent humming sound. I started to drift a little farther away from the world, and started to focus more and more on the sounds coming through my headphones.

I started to become lost in the sounds as the consistent humming and white fuzz started to work in combination with another sound. For the duration of the trip, I would question whether or not the sound I was hearing was from the dose, or something in my head, something building up. The sounds I heard were very quiet, almost distant, ominous. A feeling rushed over me and i suddenly felt a little tenser.

The consistent humming and white fuzz were starting to have an effect on my body as they grew louder. It felt like waves were pulsating down my body, starting in my head and flowing down to my finger tips and toes. This pulsating feeling continued on, the more I focused on the sounds and the more my mind grew blank, forgetting all my daily worries and thoughts, the stronger this pulsation through my body felt.

It truly was amazing. The fact that sounds alone were able to make my body sense things in a different way, the fact that these sounds made me feel disconnected from everything except for what was going on right now. And what was going on was something I had never really experienced.

I remember hearing that ominous sound, the one I couldn't figure if it was in my head or in the dose. And with this the pulsating stopped, adrenaline started to pump, and I could feel myself start breathe heavier. My hands on my chest raising up and down quick as the sound began to build up. It was unnatural sounding, and too quick to be enjoyable. It made it seem like something would happen and then it would disappear again. Further raising the question of whether the sound was real.

At this point in the trip I could no longer think about that. Something was changing. That consistent humming was getting louder, and higher pitched. The pulsating started to come back, but it was also mixed in with the adrenaline I was dealing with earlier. This higher state of consciousness was very enjoyable, but at the same time it was frightening not knowing what exactly was going on.

The humming started to resonate, the one that just got louder and higher pitched, which in turn created all sorts of havoc for what i was feeling. It was short lived, because that sound I had been hearing through out the trip was back. It would consistently build up, get more dramatic, and then disappear. The sound would come back, build up, and disappear.

Focusing on the sounds now, just the resonating sound and the white fuzz.

No, there is that sound again, is it real? These thoughts rushed through my head every single time the sound would reappear.

Sounds again, at this point I question what silence is. Having been listening to the same static fuzz for over half the trip, I forget that I am experiencing a dose, these sounds are real, but the experience feels surreal. A phenomenon I cannot explain. When the sounds stay the same and don't change, this gives you time to question everything that has gone on. That is, until the next event in the trip happens.. I mean, come on, it is called A bomb 2.

What happens next is pretty amazing. The resonating sounds become higher pitched, and this really starts to mess with your body. Everything up to this point was child's play.

When you get to this point in the trip, everything becomes worth it. The feelings I experienced here cannot be written in words. I can honestly say that up to this point I thought the trip could have ended and I would have been satisfied.

This is about 23 minutes into the trip. That means 7 remaining minutes. What I felt in those 7 minutes is unexplainable. Something, truly, you have to experience for yourself.

This dose is called, A-Bomb 2. There's a reason for that, and you will find out why if you download the trip.

Overall rating - 5/5

What I felt afterword- Nirvana. Peace. Silence, but with a new meaning.

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