Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Doser Hand of god

If you have read anything about idosing you have probably heard of the idose hand of god. There are video reactions on YouTube and there are an equal amount of users who claim have written and recorded only good things. In saying this I would like to take a step back and explain what exactly I mean when I say good things. The most pressing question in every first timers mind is “Does I doser work?” From what I have seen and from what I have read there is definitely an effect from this specific track. Good things are results in my eyes. The only thing left to consider is if you really want to mess with something this powerful. Some of the reports I have read claim the experience to be somewhat of a bad trip. Other reports have gone as far as to say it was a life changing experience.
My opinion on this might be a little rash but if you go through a life changing experience after testing out a digital drug you may have to reevaluate where you are in your life. I happen to enjoy the experience of idosing and equally enjoy using them solely for recreational purposes. I am not looking to discover some unknown meaning or am in any way attempting to come to some sort of worldly (or otherworldly) realization.

That being said I could not resist testing out the I doser Hand of God.

Hand of God
Recreational (Unexplainable)
30 Minutes

Overall Rating 9/10
As with any idosing experience I made sure that the set up and the environment I was in were one hundred percent conducive to get the full effect of this idose. In my personal opinion and going off of the experiences that I have had I have always had the most success laying in bed with the lights off with no intruding light sources. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have a great trip during the day; it’s the opposite really. Some of my favorite experiences have come when the sun was shining as in the case of this particular experience. I go with the simple strategy of laying a towel over my eyes to block out any and all light sources so I can focus solely on the sounds.

When the dose first kicked off it was just this one resonating sound for what felt like forever. In all honestly time was difficult to judge during the entirety of this experience. Once there was finally a change in the dose is when I underwent my first noticeable experience. The resonance switched from one level to a new level and I felt like there was someone sitting right next to my right hip. The bed didn’t shift in any way but there was a noticeable presence at the side of my bed. At this point in time I was overcome by what I have come to refer to as my dosed state. When I enter into dosed state I can feel vibrations and waves of what can only be explained as energy pulsing throughout my body. Sometimes it travels from head to toe but the more common occurrence is the same pulsation but in a more concentrated area of only down my arms and legs. Never has a dose put me into dosed state so quickly nor has one ever created such strong sensations as I was experiencing so early in this idose. After doing a little bit more research I currently seem to believe that I started having this sensations and experiences around the ten minute mark of the I doser Hand of God idose. I really have no clue if this is an accurate guess due to the fact that I really wouldn’t even be able to say if this experience felt like it took an hour or felt like it flew by. The only that I do know is that these two elements of my trip, both the pulsation throughout my body and the presence I felt at the side of my bed lasted for the entire trip. It was almost as if when the presence was sitting on my bed the pulsation would intensify and I was overcome by an almost overwhelming mix of emotions. When the dose was finally over I took of the towel and opened my eyes feeling almost in a daze. I wasn’t really sure what to think about the idose but it was really an awesome experience. The trip that I had was very psychological but there was an immense amount of my favorite side effect from idosing which is the pulsating feeling throughout my body. Overall the trip was worth the money. I think I’ll end up trying it out again in a month or two when I really want to go through something like this again. Unfortunately the I Doser Hand of God is not a free I doser dose. You can however download the I doser program and download the idoses that the I doser team released for free here.


  1. When I did i-doser hand of God. This was the first time I have ever used i-doser. I would not do this. It felt like someone was leaning over me. I felt really hot. My ears were burning up. Eventually at about 1;04 through the video, a big fuzzy noise came on. I was very peaceful before but the fuzziness made me jump up in the air and scream. I was crying. I was really scared. Now wI dont feel very safe. My heart is pounding and im very hot. I feel woosy and scared. I wouldnt recommend Hand of God. I wouldnt recommend using i-dose. But you can go ahead. I wont ever use it again.

  2. Nevermind I love doing Quik Happy(: Its so funn!! And I would highly recommend it!!!(:

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  5. Wow - Very Interesting views and post! I am quite intrigued since it’s the first time I hear about this product. I will be sure to do some extra research on the topic. Sounds like a “weird to have” product – But if it works as Advertised I might just consider trying it out. Thanks for sharing the post.