Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Doser Dose Marijuana

Recreational (VERY Strong)
45 Minutes

Overall Rating 7/10

The I Doser Dose Marijuana started off the usual way they normally start, some beautiful static and the occasional chirping of crickets just to make you question your sanity. There started to be sounds I had never heard before, not from other doses, not anywhere. The pulsating feeling I usually get rushing through my legs was really doing work on my brain this time instead. I legitimately started to feel something that I can only relate to that of being high. The effect was instantly produced and stayed constant for a long period of time. The sounds became part of the high, almost like a trip.

As I started guessing whether or not I was having deeper more intellectual thoughts like I usually do from THC in my system, I found myself questioning whether I was tricking myself into deceiving myself into thinking that I might be thinking only rationally but not deeper… the thought went on and on… I almost uttered a laugh, and if I wasn’t laying in bed in complete darkness, I probably would have.

At this point I felt high but didn’t have the giggly feeling. I guess that;s expected when you are laying down closing your eyes and focusing on music. Unfortunately I didn’t want to move to turn on music so I couldn’t test whether or not I enjoyed the music more. Same with eating, and many other “high joys”.
The same consistent high still lasted for a long part of the trip. I mean, this dose is 45 minutes, so I was enjoying the audio high I was getting from jamming to this dose. My feet started to go numb as I concentrated on the high more, and then the music started to speed up.

I was paralyzed listening to this new sound. It was increasing the head high that I already had with its quicker thumping sounds. Everything started to mix in to create a pretty enjoyable head buzz. I could tell I didn’t smoke weed. I mean, come on, but the the effects that I felt during this trip were still pretty cool. They were very similar in feel, but the way that it actually affected my body was completely different.

I had the head high only when I was completely still. This isn’t something you could, or at least I wouldn’t be able to, but take with you and listen to it to get high while doing stuff. Remember, doses are most effective when you do them in a quiet place. Having the lights off helps a ton, and really focus on the dose, nothing else. That’s what I do every time and they always have some effect on me.

At this point in the trip, I was about 15 minutes in and the head high was still going strong. No other noticeable changes, but I did find myself zoning in on the music many times, and not on anything else. The effect was much stronger the more I focused on it, and fell into a trance for the longest time.
This felt like a peak, and that’s when…

(4:20 AM writing this article had to slip this in here)

I started to realize that the marijuana dose had more in common with real marijuana than I had thought. It started out strong and then peaked, and fell down to about what it was at before. This time the head high lasted though, and I never “came down” from the high until the dose finally ended.

You can purchase this dose here. Straight from the I Doser Team. I highly recommend it. You also get two free I Doser doses just for downloading the I Doser program.


  1. im a little scared to try it :/

  2. A good post but unfortunately the application is not free

  3. Tried it last night. I've never done drugs, and have no intention of doing them, but this was pretty awesome. I felt like my limbs were all numb and huge, and I hallucinated that I was traveling through space.